Molinos - Marble Brownie
Marble Brownie
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Marble Brownie

Marble Brownie


1 packet Exquisita Specialities Chocolate Brownies

2 eggs

70 grams butter

1 Tbsp water

180 grams cream cheese

Butter (for the oven sheet)

Flour (for the oven sheet)


Heat the oven at 160° for 15 minutes.

Butter a square oven sheet of 21 x 21 x 4 cm.

Tip the eggs and the cool butter previously melted into a bowl and blend. Add the contents of the Exquisita Specialities Chocolate Brownies packet and the water. Blend until the mixture is uniform.

Pour the mixture into the oven sheet and spoon over the surface with the cream cheese. To give the marble effects, use the handle of the spoon scrawling around and mixing both colours of the preparation.

Fill 2/3 parts of the oven sheet and bake it for 25 minutes. The centre of it should be moist.

Leave to cool, cut into squares and serve. You can sprinkle with impalpable sugar on top.