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Flambé Custards
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Flambé Custards

Flambé Custards


1 packet Exquisita Vanilla Custard

1 lt. milk

White sugar – required amount


Tip the contents of the Exquisita Vanilla Custard Packet into a saucepan and slowly add the milk stirring constantly until the mixture is uniform.

Heat gently, stirring constantly until it thickens. Boil it for 2 minutes.

Take it out from heat and pour it into individual moulds of 7 cm diameter and 3 cm height. Cover it with cling film and leave to cool at room temperature.

Sprinkle the surface with sugar and finally caramelize with a blowtorch. In case you don’t have one, place the moulds into the grill of the oven at high temperature and leave until caramelize. Look out that the low part of the custard does not liquidize.

Serve warm.