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Caprese Bread
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Caprese Bread

Caprese Bread


2 cups Gallo husked rice

30 grams yeast

1 Tbsp. sugar

100 cc. milk

500 grams flour

25 grams table salt

1 Tbsp. cooking salt

2 tsp. olive oil

20 grams cream butter


1 Tbsp. minced herbs

½ cup dried tomatoes

200 grams mozzarella

Basil leaves



Cook the Gallo husked rice following directions in the package. Strain and let cool down.

Dissolve the yeast with the sugar and half of the warm milk. Stir in 4 tbsp. of sugar and mix with a beater. Cover it and set aside in a warm place until the yeast begins to foam.

Tip the rest of the flour into a bowl and add the salt. Make a hole and stir in the rice and the yeast foam.

Begin to mix all ingredients using a wooden spoon; remember to mix from the center to the sides. At the same time, pour out the olive oil and the milk, little by little, until the dough starts to take form. If necessary, add some water.

Knead the bread roll over the kitchen counter and add the dried tomatoes previously rehydrated and chopped, the basil leaves and the butter.

Knead for at least 5 or 7 minutes.

Make a roll, cover it with a cloth, and set aside until it doubles its volume.

Stretch out the roll with a rolling pin making a thin circle with it. Sprinkle with some cooking salt a place the mozzarella sticks in the center.

Roll it tightly so that it does not unfold.

Place the bread over a greased baking sheet, and with the fold downwards.

Once its volume has doubled, bake at 170° for about 30 minutes.