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Action programs with the community

Action programs with the community

Action programs with the community

Eat Tasty, Eat Healthy

This is the fourth consecutive year we have been working on our program Eat Tasty, Eat Healthy. The main objective of the program is to encourage a healthy diet among 5th grade students, parents and teachers from primary schools near to all plants and storehouses. During 2015, 25% more students than the previous year took part of the program.

The material is provided to primary schools near to all plants and storehouses, and contains the necessary tools to teach about the importance of keeping a healthy diet, good nutritional practices and the need to complement it with some physical activity.

After the four lessons included in the manuals, students are invited to participate in a competition of recipes, sending those which reflects the contents learned from the program.   In 2014, the jury, made up of professionals specialized in educational programs and a nutritionist from Molinos, appointed School N°23 Amerindio as the winner, after presenting the “Nutritional Little Wheels” (sushi prepared with vegetables).


Food Bank Foundation

Since 2002 we have kept a strategic alliance with the Food Bank Foundation. With a monthly average donation of 70 tons, we continue being the main food donor of this foundation with more than 700 community kitchens, and which feeds more than 94.000 people per day.

Molinos cooperates with the Commensality Project, which aims to promote the habit in a family of eating together. Under the program, Molinos guarantees 800 kg of food every month, to be distributed among the 10 families that take part of the program. This stands for a total up to 3200 kg of food.

According to the request of the FBA nutritionist, we prepare miscellaneous boxes of commensality for a total of 600 kg which include a variety of pasta, rice, flour or oil, besides cookies, sponge powder, crème caramel, desserts or mousses, according to availability. Among the remaining 200 kg, we select from the products available those which are the most nutritious.


Social Initiative Call

In 2015 the 3rd Social Initiative Call was launched. By means of this, each member of Molinos had the opportunity to introduce a project in alliance with an institution or an ONG, set aside for social promotion. This year we innovate regarding assessment method since jury were the employees themselves. After a survey, two projects were selected: one as the winner of national category and the other at local category (“area of influence”).

This year more than 30 projects were introduced, which were evaluated by the Corporate Matters team, and awarding three of them as winners:

  • National Category:

“Inclusion through access”: Make access to Molulo School (Jujuy) possible, after buying means two mules and a donkey that let students go to Tilcara in emergency cases. Introduced by Dario Machado – Cordoba Commercial Area.

  • Area of Influence Category:

“Inclusion through Sport”: Include gym machines to help improve psychomotor coordination of women with neurological and physical disabilities, from Cotolengo Monseñor Jose Nascimbeni. Introduced by Ana Maria Barrios – Manera plant.


DALE! Proposal, together with Perez Companc Foundation

During 2015, we have been working from our winery on the implementation of DALE! (Right to learn, to read and write). By means of this program, teachers have been trained about new tools to give support to children who have not achieved initial literacy at the pace of others. In 2015, the program was extended to 1200 teachers from public schools of the province.

We have also taken part of DALE! program at Play Centre San Jorge of Potentialities, where 18 volunteers of Victoria Plant took part of it helping more children to learn, to read and write. During the five months of the Program, our volunteers attended the Play Center once a week, achieving really good results.