Molinos - Molinos Commitment in the XII Nutrition Conferences
Molinos Commitment in the XII Nutrition Conferences
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Molinos Commitment in the XII Nutrition Conferences

Molinos Commitment in the XII Nutrition Conferences


Buenos Aires, October 23rd 2014. – Molinos Rio de la Plata took an active participation of the XII Argentine Nutrition Conferences, held on October 17th in the Argentine Catholic University (UCA) and organized by the Argentine Nutrition Society (SAN), bringing the present audience information about the benefits of eating durum wheat pasta.

In the symposium named “Pasta from a scientific perspective” several industry and nutrition consultants discoursed about health applied technologies and welfare, scientific evidence about the benefits of eating pasta, and the consumption of that food in Argentina.  At the same time, professionals specialized in nutrition welcomed the presents in the stand where Molinos offered products and nutritional dishes to use during the nutritional consultation.

Firstly, Lic. Nora Engo, ex Research and Development Manager at Molinos, set out about the usage of technology in dry pasta industry in pursuit of consumers’ health and well-being, explaining in detail the production process of durum wheat pasta.

Under the title “Scientific evidences about the consumption of pasta”, Dr. Mónica Katz, former Academic Director of the Career of Medicine specialized in Obesity at Favaloro University, expounded different studies which places durum wheat pasta as an ideal option within a balanced diet, due to its low glycemic index.

At the end, Lic. Sergio Britos, Director of CEPEA (Center of Nutrition politics and economic studies), gave a speech on aspects of a healthy diet and the gaps on pasta consumption in Argentina, reinforcing the idea that it should be advisable to increase its participation in the average diet of Argentineans due to  its nutritional benefits and quality of carbohydrate.

Taking into account that from a total up of 14 weekly meals, only 1 and a half of these meals correspond to pasta consumption in Argentina, Molinos has decided, as a strategic challenge, to increase the frequency of choosing dry pasta for lunch or dinner. For this reason, Molinos works together with health professionals in order to communicate consumers about the nutritional benefits of durum wheat pasta.